Community Highlight - Truckee Rotary & Truckee Sunrise Rotary

Rotary is a service organization, 1.2 million strong, that brings neighbors, friends, and community leaders together to create positive, lasting change in our communities and around the world.

Truckee is home to two Rotary clubs: Truckee Rotary (90 active members) and Truckee Sunrise Rotary (15 active members). Each club raises funds through a variety of events to provide support to seniors, youth, arts, and the environment. Major fundraisers include the Cadillac Ball in the fall and the Annual Chris Matthew Crab Feed held each March.

Recently, members from both Truckee clubs participated in an International Service Program in Los Barriles, Baja California Sur. As part of the joint international project with the Los Barriles Rotary Club, 10 Rotary members (including Truckee-Tahoe Lumber Company's very own Andrew Cross and Emily Vitas), and two friends of Rotary traveled from Truckee to the small fishing town on the East Cape of Baja California Sur to help with rehabilitation of two school Albergues (dorms). 

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The Santiago Albergue needed lockers for the children to store their belongings and the Riviera Albergue was in dire need of new paint, as the existing paint was peeling. Two full days were spent completing the projects. The school children, their parents, and the Albergue administration were very helpful and thankful for our time. We look forward to continuing to work with the Los Barriles Club and the Albergues and Schools in their region. 

Truckee Rotary: Thursdays at 12:00 at the Truckee Community Center

Truckee Sunrise Rotary: Tuesdays at 7:00 at Marty’s Cafe