Sylvie Pircher, Human Resources Manager

Sylvie started as the Executive Assistant to Breeze Cross in 2005. She then moved into the human resources side of things and has held roles as Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resources Administrator, and now Human Resources Manager.

Sylvie sees her role in the company as being quite simple: to seek, maintain, and enhance TTL’s human resources. And she does a darn good job!  And the key to working with Sylvie is... 

Sylvie enjoys going on small and big adventures with her husband Eric and dogs Frosty and Cody. RV trips, short and long, are always priceless. In the summer, Lake Tahoe is a go-to and in the winter, the ski slopes around our region are a favorite.

A daily occurrence for Sylvie (not so much a hobby as it is a yearning) includes connecting with her parents from afar, 5,404 miles away to be exact, in France. 

Sylvie also loves riding and caring for horses and spending time with and caring for her family (her Mom-in-Law in particular, and her tight circle of friends). And she loves catching up on her “girly TV shows and movies” (which shall remain nameless).